Renaissance England

Program Description:
Lady Bacon, attendant to her majesty Queen Elizabeth, offers insights into the life and times of Renaissance England. Chose from 5 program options:

An Elizabethan Experience:

From the royal schoolroom to the formal presence chamber, Lady Bacon has seen it all. She educated her son Francis Bacon, traveled with Queen Elizabeth on Progress, and lived during the times of Shakespeare, Raleigh, Drake, and Walsingham. In this costumed performance, Chris Brookes captures the essence of a Renaissance courtier's life.

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"Have Elizabethan England come alive in the performance of Lady Anne Bacon. Step back into this exciting time in which some of England's boldest adventurers and greatest poets and playwrights lived. Teacher and actor Chris Brookes brings this distant time period to audiences of today. Chris Brookes does not portray Lady Anne Bacon, she becomes Lady Anne Bacon"

Paul Duncan
Social Studies Teacher
Lake Geneva Middle School

Introduction to Shakespeare:

Young and old are introduced to William Shakespeare through readings.

Food, Fashion and Flowers of Shakespeare's Time:

Experience a taste of English Renaissance with Lady Bacon as your hostess. Sample sweetmeats. Volunteer to dress up in the latest Courtly style. Discover the secret meaning behind that floral bouquet.

"Thank you for a beautiful presentation. Listening to "the girls" the past couple of days, they truly enjoyed the show and refreshments."

Jan Peterson
The Highlands Senior Community

Academy of Etiquette:

With Lady Bacon as their tutor, children learn how to behave as knights and ladies of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. Lessons include manners, speech, and courtly dancing.

A Renaissance Revel:

Commemorate the twelve days of the Yuletide season, the most loved festival at the Elizabethan Court, with Lady Bacon, attendant to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Join in the caroling, masking, mumming, and misrule 'til Twelfth Night falls.

An Introduction to the Elizabethan Age:

This DVD introduces a slice of life in Elizabethan England through a first-person portrayal of Anne Cooke, Lady Bacon. Viewers travel through time to 16th century London to visit the home of a Renaissance courtier and sit in on lessons in the royal schoolroom at Whitehall Palace.

The companion guide suggests activities for use before, during and after viewing the DVD.

Topics introduced are: The Great Chain of Being, Forms of Address and Manners, Divisions of Learning, World of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Directed by Daniel Rentas
Copyright 2008