This DVD introduces a slice of life in Elizabethan England through a first-person portrayal of Anne Cooke, Lady Bacon.

Viewers travel through time to 16th century London to visit the home of a R enaissance courtier and sit in on lessons in the royal schoolroom at Whitehall Palace.

The companion guide suggests activities for use before, during, and after viewing the DVD.

Topics introduced are: The Great Chain of Being, Forms of Address and Manners, Divisions of Learning, and the World of Queen Elizabeth I

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For a thousand years or more, the legend of King Arthur has entertained, intrigued, and inspired audiences of all ages. Authors in the Dark Ages chronicled life in Britain after the departure of the Romans and suggested a heroic figure - Arthur - brought an extended peace to the land. Oral traditions of unknown origins and ancient texts hinting at lost sources inspired our story Arthur of the Gododdin.

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This is how we imagine the old story might have been told.

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Arthur of the Gododdin
By Michael Ferenz and CJ Brookes
Copyright 2012

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