Tales of King Arthur

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From the mists of Dark Age Britain comes the storyteller Ceridwen who weaves together ancient accounts of Arthur and his companions. The stories of Arthur you hear from her may be different from those you've heard before, for they are the tales of Arthur from his homeland in the North. All the action, romance, and mystery of Arthur's adventures rekindle the ideals of chivalry in today's world. Chris's unique re-telling blends current research with myth, legend, history, and early medieval poetry.

Chris has collaborated with Michael Ferenz on an alternative history of the Arthurian Legends. In Arthur of the Gododdin are tales of Arthur from his homeland in the north where his deeds of valor echo among his people like the hiss of the draconarius over the charge. Wherever the Gododdin do battle, they bring ravens to feast for Arthur forever rides with them. In this story the kernels of modern Arthurian legends are revealed to a young girl who herself grows up to be renowned and celebrated among the Britons.

Excerpt: Arthur of the Gododdin

"Chapter 1"
North Britain
516 AD

I have had the good fortune to see Arthur on several occasions, and over the years I have come to learn much of my Gododdin cousins. But the first time I did see him, that was a day to remember! I, having seen my eleventh name day, was to accompany my father, a healer, on his summer journey. Each year he made a long journey during the warm months to barter his remedies. This year would be the longest such journey he had ever made, from our home near Carlisle in the west far to the northeast in the land of the Gododdin. We would travel from one full moon to another; Edinburgh would be our final destination.

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Arthur of the Gododdin
By Michael Ferenz and CJ Brookes
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